COVID-19 has completely changed our world and everyone is now paying more attention to their health. There are new health and safety measures we must follow, and social distancing is a must. All of these new protocols are necessary to help prevent the spread of the virus, although many people are still contracting it. The number of COVID-19 patients is increasing and medical professionals are working hard to find a cure to combat this virus. While research is still being conducted, some physicians believe that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy could be used as a treatment option for patients with COVID-19.

This treatment is very safe and non-invasive, and has long been used to help treat decompression sickness. Patients are placed in a chamber where they breathe in 100% oxygen and the pressure in the chamber forces the oxygen into the body to increase the ability of the blood and allow it to store and transport that oxygen. COVID-19 is causing patients to experience severe respiratory problems and this can lead to low oxygen levels in the blood. While HBOT is not yet guaranteed to show results, health professionals are hopeful that it can help. It is effective in helping to treat a number of conditions and more studies will prove whether or not this new virus can be a part of that list. Medical experts feel that they are on the right track and are confident that HBOT may be able to help.

More studies are going to be conducted to demonstrate that hyperbaric oxygen can be a safe therapy option among COVID-19 patients and doctors want to see these results sooner than later. Everyone in the medical industry is working very hard to study and research this virus so that we can tackle it once and for all. The world has never experienced a pandemic of this nature, so there is a lot of work to be done. The severity of this situation is scary and everyone must take very good care of their health as the virus can be deadly.

Physicians are turning to every possibility to see which treatments can help and HBOT is one option that they’re exploring. It can provide the medical world and patients with very important information and can be an effective form of treatment. A larger randomized study must first be conducted to prove that hyperbaric oxygen is, in fact, safe for patients with COVID-19 and that it can help with more conditions than just decompression sickness.

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