Osteomyelitis is a form of bone infection which can be incredibly serious if left untreated then it can become a serious and debilitating condition. Osteomyelitis infections sometimes start in nearby tissue and spread to the bone, and sometimes start in the bone itself if the bone is injured. The condition is common in diabetics, who sometimes develop ulcers on their feet which become infected, with the infection spreading to the bone if it goes unnoticed.

Symptoms of osteomyelitis are often mistaken for those of other conditions. Children may become irritable and lethargic. Sufferers may experience fevers or chills, pain in the area of the infection, and swelling, redness or warmth over the infected area.

If you or your child experiences bone pain and a fever, then it is important to seek medical advice. Those who have just had surgery or an injury to the bone should consult a doctor immediately in the event of bone pain. A medical professional will be able to diagnose your issues and determine if you are truly experiencing bone infection and how to treat that if you do.

Osteomyelitis is caused by the staphylococcus bacteria, which is a common type of bacteria that is found in the nose and on the skin of most people, including healthy individuals. When the germs enter the bloodstream through broken skin, then infections can spread easily. Children are more susceptible to osteomyelitis in the arms and legs because the upper parts of those bones have soft growth plates during childhood.

Bones are usually highly resistant to infection, but fractures and damage can create an ‘attack vector’ for bacteria and allow infection. Poor circulation is another reason that people who have diabetes can be susceptible to infection. Those who are immunosuppressed can also suffer from infections more easily. Infections in your bones are not very common at all but they can happen.

Left untreated, osteomyelitis can lead to death of the bone (which can mean that amputation is required), as well as septic arthritis, impaired growth, and also an increased risk of skin cancer. For this reason, it is important that people who are suffering from infections have them treated promptly. Those who are at an increased risk of infection should seek medical advice about preventing infections in a way that works for their condition or circumstances, and should be proactive if they have any concerns about surgery, implants, broken skin or injuries. Today, osteomyelitis is manageable and curable, but it is still a serious condition which should not be ignored, and that should be treated as if it could lead to serious ill health.

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